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MySeva Credit card is a Card which comes with a unique proposition; you can earn cashback on retail spends and choose to donate 50% or 75% or 100% of your earned cashback to charity.

You will earn a maximum of 1% cashback when you spend with your MySeva Credit Card every month.
Eligible transactions include all retail spends except Government and utility bills.

No. You can decide how much earned cashback you want to donate to charity. There are no additional
charges or interest for donating to charity.

You can choose any of the following options while applying for the card:

  • 50% of your cashback
  • 75% of your cashback
  • 100% of your cashback

Retail transactions which are performed at any merchant, excluding Government or utilities payments
are considered as eligible cashback transactions. The qualifying transactions for cashback will be at the
sole discretion of MySeva.

Cashback will be calculated during the monthly statement cycle and credited in your Card Statement.

You can apply through any of the following channels;

  • Our Call Center @ 600555663 (locally) or +971 2 619 4005 (internationally)
  • Our Social Media Channels
  • Directly on our Website: www.MySeva.com
  • SMS SEVA to 5051

Your Card Statement will contain your total earned cashback amount earned and the cashback amount
donated to charity.
Cashback received – MMM.YY = AED XXXX
Amount contributed to charity – MMM.YY = AED XXXX
Cashback received since card issuance = AED XXXX
Amount contributed to charity since card issuance = AED XXXX

Yes. You have the option to change the charity donation % of your cashback at any point in time by
calling our Call Center.

Yes, you can apply for up to 4 FREE supplementary MySeva Credit Cards.

No. MySeva Credit Card is a card that serves a charitable cause.

The amount will be donated to charity every month automatically. Your donations will appear in your monthly card statement.

Only Passport copy of the person to whom Supplementary card is requested.

Confirmation in present job (if confirmed earlier than 6 months) or six months in present job.

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